Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Boy From Space

Title: The Boy From Space

Author: Friedrich Feld

Year of publication: 1958, English translation 1967.

Back cover blurb: None.

Quick flick reveals: Nothing to do with the serial featured on schools TV programme Look and Read (Run, Peep Peep, run!), this is a charming-looking children's story about a giant child from space who by the look of things ends up moving in with a family by the name of the Sponglebys.  There are some great illustrations, and I wouldn't mind reading it one rainy afternoon.

Random paragraphs: 'The inspector scratched his head.  "Well," he said, "what can we get you to eat?  What do you eat on Baramba?"
   "In the morning the breakfast drink, at mid-day the lunch drink and in the evening the supper drink."'


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  1. how funny- the boy looks like the boy that played Peep in the Look and Read programme (I just watched the other day on YouTube...ahhhh, memories!)