Sunday, 29 January 2012


Title: Glitterball

Author: Rochelle Larkin

Year of publication: 1980, NEL edition 1982

Back cover blurb: GLITTERBALL brought their lives into collision.
   Once upon a time Lacey had been a small-town, Mid-West girl: pretty, natural, bright and ambitious.  And ambition had led her to the big city, New York, and a blossoming career in modelling.
   Now she was beautiful, groomed and successful; poised ready for the decisive move from cover girl to media personality.
   But was she Lacey any more?  Or was she just the programmed creation of Glover Montgomery who lived with her, directed her, promoted her, had taught her everything?
   Bobby Gerace, who had his own dreams, was the man who put all in doubt.  A violent chemistry, a passion barely controlled, wrenched both their lives from the single-minded channels of ambition into dangerously deep and stormy waters.

Quick flick reveals: It's a disco novel.  A disco novel.  Think about that for a second.  Seems to be less sexy than it could be, and perhaps overly concerned with entertainment venue business plans.  Opens with a quote from Pride and Prejudice.

Random paragraph: 'If the dancers were indeed the sea, the music was the wind.  Its rhythm carried over, around, and seemingly through them, spurring the dancers to follow in charging, surging, hypnotic motions, whipping them finally into a trancelike state.'


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