Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thumb Tripping

Title: Thumb Tripping

Author: Don Mitchell

Year of publication: 1970, Bantam edition 1971

Back cover blurb: The song of the open road - blue, bitter, and mostly a bummer..
   Gary and Chay met on an acid trip - her last, his first.  They decided to spend the summer on the road - no hurry, no special destination.  The trip was in the people they made it with...

Quick flick reveals: A hippy road trip story reminiscent of films like Easy Rider, Two-Lane Blacktop etc.  Only it's not a film, it's a book. (Although it was made into a film.  Hasn't been on telly recently.) Probably aimed more at the tourists who went to gawp at Haight-Ashbury on sight-seeing tours than the actual residents.  Which is fine by me.

Random paragraph: 'Gary had to freak again now, behind that word, "Bloodcunt".  Diesel shouldn't have said that, it brought everything back: "Heavy, heavy."  "Get lost, man."  He freaked behind the whole night, this whole freaking night.  "Jesus.  Look.  I know this for a fact."  Injun, piss, po - defend the lie, cover that lie!  "I don't care what her eyes are doing, I know this!"  Poor, piss.'


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