Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kick Turn

Title: Kick Turn

Author: Anthony Glyn

Year of publication: 1963, Arrow edition 1969

Back cover blurb: 'Kick Turn is a witty and penetrating look at many modern attitudes and obsessions.  Its hero, Roger North, is a young man without a family, equipped with little to help him make his way in the world except over-confidence and a wish to please.  But whilst his uncle and his godfather compete with the other in their attempts to steer his life into channels of their own choosing, Roger, encountering women for the first time, tries in different ways to please four of them...'

Quick flick reveals: Picaresque tale of a randy sixties-person, some of which appears to be set in the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank.  Another one for the 'Greatest Film Robin Askwith Never Made' file.

Random paragraph: 'She unbuttoned the coat and helped me take it off.  I was gangling and awkward, with a half-naked woman pulling at my clothes and telling me they fitted.'


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