Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Prehistoric Germ Warfare

Title: Prehistoric Germ Warfare

Author: Robin Collyns

Year of publication: 1980

Back cover blurb: EARTH - The Test-Tube Planet
  'I believe that mankind did not evolve from ape-like creatures but that we were brought to this planet billions of years after our bodies had been altered by genetic engineering on other planets.'
   Were the dinosaurs annihilated by nuclear weapons?
   Is ginseng literally manna from heaven?
   Are we the descendants of clones from outer space, the offshoots of ancient interplanetary experiments?
   These are just some of the amazing questions posed by Robin Collyns in amassing evidence for his mind-bending thesis: that cholera, cancer, smallpox and human life itself are the results of prehistoric DNA manipulation and germ warfare.

Quick flick reveals: A fantastically wide-ranging bag of bonkers theories that sadly never caught on.  I am, however, willing to embrace all of Collyns's claims, and start a religion built around them.  Will cost $5,000 to join.

Random paragraph: From my own research I have concluded that 'Adam' was not the first man on Earth, divinely created by God.  But as the story of Adam is allegorical it appears to relate, at least in part, to the first race of spacemen to visit and being to 'seed' the Earth.  In other words, this first race to visit the Earth may have been the Titans.


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