Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Woman In Space

Title: A Woman In Space

Author: Sara Cavanaugh

Year of publication: 1981, Ace/Stoneshire edition 1983

Back cover blurb: 'She's young, she's lovely - she's an astronaut!  And she's been assigned a dangerous mission: to discove the wherabouts of four missing male astronauts who had preceded her to the Moon.  Carol's space ship is mysteriously caught up in a force field that draws her inexorably into outer space.  Carol's mission is in great danger, as is her life and that of the man she loves!'

Quick flick reveals: A bit of a novelty this: a sci-fi novel aimed exclusively at the female reader.  Astronaut Carol tackles male chauvinism, space danger, and inadequate washing facilities (Inner cover blurb: 'Spacewoman's problem: How do you take a bath without your male copilot peeking?').  Looks fun.

Random paragraphs: 'She would find out, and in the process maybe find a way out of her dilemma.  Having decided on a course of action, Carol went to the closet and picked out a sexy outfit.  She would try to bait Marcus!  She would offer her love to him in return for a slight favor.
   Send her back to the moon!'


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