Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Satyr

Title: The Satyr

Author: Robert DeMaria

Year of publication: 1972, Sphere edition 1973

Back cover blurb: 'Marc, a thirty-five year old editor, was a bachelor and would probably remain one as long as his mother was alive - even though he wanted to marry the young and beautiful Laura.
   Laura, he insisted, had to be a virgin bride.  And for a sensualist like Marc, this meant he had to look elsewhere for his bedmates.
   Mother was the problem.  For she treatened to disinherit him if he married Laura.  There seemed to be only one way out.  Murder...'

Quick flick reveals: Seems quite a standard 'man has lots of sex and plots to murder his mother' story, but Anthony Burgess thought it was great so there might be something more to it than that.

Random paragraph: 'But the wedding night, that was another matter.  That would be my ritual, my black mass, and our roles would be reversed.  Laura would be the passive initiate.  I would be the hooded priest with the jewelled dagger.  I would lead her through the forest of the male kingdom to the castle of obedience and teach her, on her knees, to recite prayers of the flesh.'


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