Sunday, 22 April 2012

Jessica's Wife

Title: Jessica's Wife

Author: Hester Mundis

Year of publication: 1975, Magnum edition 1979

Back cover blurb: 'A wild and witty novel of a young woman's search for the perfect modern marriage
   Jessica has an almost ideal life - an attentive, virile husband, a charming young son, a trendy home and an interesting part-time job.  But suddenly she realises with a blinding flash that in order to expand her human and sexual potential what she really needs in life is a wife!
   And so the search is on, with Jessica's quest for the perfect third mate setting her adrift in an alien sea of uproariously inventive seductions.  Employing every ruse from lavish dinners and little white lies ot blatant propositions, she runs the whole gamut from a nymphomaniac college friend who can't boil an egg to a frigid young artist who is the best cook in the world.  Finally she finds her own Mrs Right - and settles back to enjoy marriage à trois...'

Quick flick reveals: Bawdy picaresque bisexual romp from Joan Rivers's writing partner.  Quotes 'Lady Love Your Cunt' by Germaine Greer.

Random paragraph: 'He reached out and caught them without looking.  His eyes didn't leave Abby.  She stood with her legs apart, her hands on her boyishly slim hips and her long black hair trailing down over her shoulders and breasts.  "Well?" she said, and thrust her diminutive dark triangle forward with the sassiness of a schoolgirl's tongue.


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