Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Secret Lives of the Sky Girls

Title: The Secret Lives of the Sky Girls

Author: Marilyn Lynch

Year of publication: 1974, Pan edition 1975

Back cover blurb: 'These are THE SKY GIRLS dedicated to serving passengers - and playmates...
   Determined, self-sufficient and terribly scared of the tragic flaw in her body...
   Neurotically attached to her father's image, she was unable to be a real woman...
   Sex, booze, drugs - a web of vice controlled her until it was too late for escape...
   Trusting and vulnerable, she let the wrong man become her Mr Right...
   And these are the men who send the girls spinning in orbit: Brewster, the two-timer; Jimmy, the male chauvinist; Cal, the eternal optimist; Daniel, the ageing Texas tycoon.'

Quick flick reveals: This is a sexy book, with sexy airline hostesses doing sexy things with men who are also sexy.  Contains sex.

Random paragraph: 'You're a little bit drunk, Gaylene told herself, then amended her appraisal.  Quite a bit drunk, she thought.  Deliciously drunk.  She was feeling warm and sexy, wearing nothing except bikini panties.'


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