Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Title: Lifetime

Author: Mark McShane

Year of publication: 1977

   John Martin is hired by an eccentric old millionaire to fulfill the man's youthful fantasy to experience every exotic and erotic pleasure the world has to offer.  Something goes wrong.  Can it be he is unequipped to handle a life solely devoted to pleasure, one in which he is forbidden to rest, work or think?
   The joyride becomes a kind of prison, complete with "watchdogs" to insure that he continues to enjoy himself - their way.  The stint becomes a test of his mind and his endurance, and when he unexpectedly falls in love, John realizes how much he has come to fear them...  What if they found out...  If they found out...  What would his punishment be?

Quick flick reveals: Lost Book Library stock character the randy young chap has lots of sex, then stops liking it after a while, but of course that doesn't stop the author from writing about it in detail.  Couldn't lose the feeling that this book was written by Martin Amis under a pseudonym, although actually author McShane was oft-published, with a claim to fame of having written the book on which the film Seance on a Wet Afternoon was based.  Can't really argue with that.

Random paragraph: 'Look.  There are two kinds of female.  There are fucking women and marrying women.  Divsion depends solely on the man: the woman has nothing to do with it.  What to one man is a piece of cunt, is to another his possible mate; what to one is the mother of his future children, is to his brother a fast lay he'd hate to see again.  Her seuxual past is not applicable.  She may have been the fucking kind for a thousand lovers, that makes no difference to the thousand and first - won't at least, alter his plans.  A man will gladly fuck his marrying kind, but never marry his fucking.  Nor, unless he's a moron, will he talk about his sex with the first, hardly even to himself.'


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