Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Smaller Sky

Title: The Smaller Sky

Author: John Wain

Year of publication: 1967, Penguin edition 1969

Back cover blurb: 'The man now living on platform one is Arthur Geary and he is not a mad scientist.
   Arthur Geary left his wife and two children and went to live on Paddington Station.  It was the only place he could get away from the sounds of the terrible drums; where he could feel comfortably anonymous, safe and calm under a smaller sky.  But they had to hound him out.  They had to know why.  They had to prove him mad: friends, family, psychiatrist, even a TV journalist after the ultimate tragic scoop.'

Quick flick reveals: Another from my John Wain haul.  A man decides to live on Paddington Station.  Everyone wants to know why.  Sounds a bit like that Radiohead video.

Random paragraph: '"Well, since we talk of padded cells," said Robinson, still driven by anger, "I might as well say what's in my mind.  If you stay here you'll go mad.  The crowds, the discomfort, the sense of homelessness, will unhinge you.  Go on, laugh at me, but you'll be raving mad inside three months."'


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