Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Fun House

Title: The Fun House

Author: William Brinkley

Year of publication: 1961, NEL edition 1968

Back cover blurb: 'William Brinkley is recognised as one of America's leading satirists.
   THE FUN HOUSE is the the office of Vital, an American weekly picture magazine.  The staff are the biggest collection of odd-balls, eccentrics and geniuses ever to appear between the covers of one book.  Their lives and loves - above board and behind locked doors - make this one of the most uproarious stories you'll ever read.'

Quick flick reveals: Mad Men-era satire.  A brisk thumbing didn't make me laugh, but then neither did Catch-22.

Random paragraph: 'In short: No one whose real interest in life is women (and besides the arts and the fully, truly spiritual life it is the only really worthwhile one, the only other productive of real joy) should ever even consider going into any profession other than photographer.  That is our advice to all young men.'


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