Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Virgin Planet

Title: Virgin Planet

Author: Poul Anderson

Year of publication: 1959, Warner Books edition 1977

Back cover blurb: 'For 300 Year The Planet of Women Awaited The Coming of Man.  Then One Arrives...
   He is Davis Bertram, a space-explorer.  Buth how can he convince them he really is a man?  Their legends have built Men into gods.
   Trying to be worthy of hte Coming, the women imitate masculine virtues.  They are warlike, ambitious, ruthless.  Unless Davis can convince them he is a man, they will kill him for blasphemy.  But if he does convince them, the Doctor-Priests will kill him to protect their own iron control of the planet...'

Quick flick reveals:  Like nearly all the sci-fi that makes its way here, this isn't really a Lost Book.  Although no longer generally in print, Anderson's books circulate widely and sci-fi fans know who he is.  I just included it here though, because of the way the cover image (what is this strange planet where women feel compelled to wear bras but not pants?) and the accompanying blurb, along with THAT title, very strongly suggest that this astronaut is going to be having lots and lots of lovely sex without actually promising it.   (On an unrelated matter, this is by far the best-smelling book in the Lost Book Library.)

Random paragraph: 'Several mature women sprawled in the big chairs near the hearth.  They rose and stared at Davis.  He grew uncomfortable after a minute. "Hello," he said.'


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