Sunday, 12 August 2012

Beat On a Damask Drum

Title: Beat On a Damask Drum

Author: Troy Kennedy Martin

Year of publication: 1959, Panther edition 1963

Back cover blurb: 'Into the nightmare gloom of a jungle war comes the beautiful Joey Castle desperately seeking the man who holds the key to her faith in herself - Adam Canning.  Isolated in an alien world of violence facing the last agonising hour before defeat, her involvement with a new Adam and the men who surround him sets a pattern for a struggle which can only be resolved through disaster.'

Quick flick reveals: Normally I'm not interested in war novels, but according to the Telegraph, this one by Z-Cars creator Kennedy Martin 'shocks like a cold douche'.  And if any book is like a douche, I want to read it.

Random paragraph: '"It's the girl in the hospital with the bayonet wound."  Joey eyed them.  She shouted defiantly, "She wants someone to come down to her - a man - and make love to her."  Her voice was incoherent, the demand unreal.  "Someone to make love to her," she said.  "Surely she means love her - not make love to her.  But love her?  How can anyone do that?"  They were silent, watching.'


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