Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Downstairs at Ramsey's

Title: Downstairs at Ramsey's

Author: James Leigh

Year of publication: 1968, Panther edition 1970

Back cover blurb: 'What's up down stairs?
   Just a friendly little 'game' of emotional blackmail, hasty passions and statutory rape, played between
   Delilah Sampson
   (you read it right)
   The fourteen-year-old nymphet with a nineteen-year-old build - and what a build!
   Hardy Brewster
   Delilah's foster-father, struggling none too successfully with impulses that no-one could describe as paternal...
   Jim Long
   The emotionally screwed-up artist who isn't satisfied iwht having Delilah just pose for him - not even in the nude.
   Around these three characters, plus the endearing, eavesdropping H. Victor Ramsey from upstairs, James Leigh weaves a humorous, compassionate story of the generations in conflict - in and out of bed.'

Quick flick reveals: Wrongness.  Oddly for a book that is packaged as an exploitation version of Lolita, this book is censored for language.

Random paragraph: 'The thing looked half as long as a railway carriage.  It was low, and sleek, and even to my sceptical and conservative eye it had a certain undeniable beauty.  It was fit for a princess, though perhaps a princess from another planet, or from some future century.  And it was gold.'


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