Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Season of the Witch

Title: The Season of the Witch

Author: James Leo Herlihy

Year of publication: 1971, Pan edition 1973

Back cover blurb: 'You call her Gloria.  She calls herself 'Witch'
   Looking for life in New York's East Village.
   And she finds it...
   In this major new bestseller, the author of Midnight Cowboy brings vividly to life the revolution of the permissive society - the world of youth, free love, drugs, and danger...'

Quick flick reveals: Rather fantastic-looking hippy-era period piece from an author who had already made history, written back in the days when you could get away with quoting a Beatles lyric without paying them.  Definitely the most beaten-up book in the Lost Book Library.

Random paragraph: 'The first really interesting event of the evening was meeting Sara the Ghost.  Sally and I had been up on the roof in Will's greenhouse trying to see gnomes in the flowerpots.  Sally's convinced each plant has a little invisible creature tending its roots and she was hoping with acid we'd be relaxed enough to see them.  We weren't.  But on the way back downstairs, just as we were coming to the first landing, Sally stopped and said, 'Far out!'  I said, 'What's happening?'  And she said, 'I'm getting extra strong ghost vibes.  Just stand still right here and see if you can pick them up.'


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